ANGELA F. JORDAN is the founder and owner of Absolutely Refined, LLC “The House of Etiquette,” and is certified as a Professional Etiquette Consultant, Trainer and Coach. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Reading Literacy. Angela has a passion for teaching and has been dedicated to the teaching profession since 1984. She has worked as a classroom teacher in the communities and school systems of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the Hamilton County Department of Education in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In addition, she has worked diligently with various businesses, colleges, organizations and youth development programs. She has written several Etiquette and Dining articles for publications. 

Mrs. Jordan has a wealth of knowledge and expertise with youth, teens and adults which qualifies her to help individuals to achieve and to add value, eloquence, and uniqueness to their lives. Angela employs diverse teaching techniques to ensure effective learning for all age groups. She is not your traditional etiquette teacher; she brings life into her classes and makes etiquette an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. She puts a modern spin on manners.  Angela is known for motivating, inspiring and changing lives. She serves her clients with dignity, respect and compassion.

Committed to helping our clients be the best they can be.

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