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"Tis The Season to Be Jolly"

by Angela Jordan on 11/28/12

“Tis The Season To Be Jolly”


Christmas is fast approaching.  This time of year mixed emotions can escalate with many people. Experiences of past hurt, neglect, and uncontrollable circumstances can reopen wounds of bad memories of Christmas.  On the other hand, there are many people who are happy and who are spreading Christmas joy through parties, fellowshipping, caroling and gift giving.  As we celebrate this Christmas let’s be mindful of all people.

I had the opportunity to interview a Therapist /Trainer/Consultant by the name of Arlene Story.  When asked what advice could she give to people this Christmas season, she states, “Find something positve about each person that you meet to compliment.  Whether it is the cashier or the homeless, people respond to positive things and it helps them to shift out of a negative space.”  So often, we are so wrapped up in the rush that we tend to forget the little positive gestures that can make a difference in someone else’s life.


As we prepare for this holiday season with buying and receiving Christmas gifts, let us keep in mind a few Christmas etiquette tips that will keep us looking good and making others feel extremely special and important. Keep in mind the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."



·         Manage your attitude.

·         Don’t steal a parking space when you see others waiting to get 


·         Open doors for others.

·         Don’t cut people off while getting in line.

·         Be mindful of the cashier.  Don’t carry on a ten minute 

      conversation with the cashier. Others are waiting.

·         Demonstrate patience as you wait in line; after all it’s only one cashier and a million other customers.  If you must, Arlene Story says, “Out of frustration, we should B-R-E-A-T-H” and go to another cashier without making a fuss".

·         When greeting people smile, say “Hello, Good morning, Good evening, Good afternoon.

·        When exiting the prescence of others, remember to smile and say… “Thank you, have a nice day , Have a blessed day,  Have a good morning, Have a good evening,” or whichever is appropriate for the moment .

·       Enjoy the shopping process.

Christmas Cards

·        Get your cards early. Mail by the first week in December.

·         Handwritten. Give it a personal touch.  Write on the inside, put your signature on the inside, address the envelope (don’t forget to put your return address), seal the envelope and use proper postage.

·         Be Considerate. Many people do not celebrate Christmas. Take  beliefs, religion and cultures into consideration.

·         E-cards. Don’t send in place of a real card unless you are responding to their e-card.

Help the Less Fortunate

·         Find someone or a family to serve.  Find out what their needs are.  Maybe it's food, gifts, money or an inspirational home visit.  Sometimes it’s even extra special if you play Santa and anonymously leave a box full of goodies on their porch or door step.

Gift Giving

·         Be thoughtful. 

·         Think through what you are going to give.

·         Consider the person that you are giving the gift to --their likes and dislikes.

·         Give something that you would like to have.

·         Stay within your budget.

Gifts You Don't Wrap

We all love to wrap gifts, but some of the things we can give at the holidays can’t be wrapped. By spending an hour with your children and talking about this concept, you will raise their consciousness about these special gifts.   ( Emily Post)

·   Kindness

·   Consideration

·   Helping out

·   Preparing for company

·   Decorating

·   Helping with shopping

·   Cleaning the house

Be Grateful

·         Regardless of the cost or the look or size of the gift, be grateful and say “Thank you” and send a very special warm handwritten thank you note.  Someone thought enough of you to take the time to make or buy your gift.


Holiday Tipping Guide

·         I found a great tipping site for you. Use it for any occasion, not only for holidays. ENJOY:  http://www.tipguide.org/iPhone/christmastipping.php


So let us be kind and considerate to others. Practice your patience during this Christmas season.

Tis the Season to Be Jolly

Merry Christmas


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1. Naima said on 12/25/12 - 08:55PM
very lovely blog post :) I love the list of gifts that dont need any wrapping.

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