Dining for Wives of Ministers
This program is especially designed for minister's wives.Minister wives find themselves having to attend luncheons, dinner engagements, banquets and meetings. They greet people and entertain guests in their homes. Many times they find themselves in uncomfortable situtations. This program will help the wife of a minister to become more comfortable with social and dining etiquette and with her role as a minister's wife.

Program Components:

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Private:  Marriage Dining Tutorial - May 18th - 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Etiquette and Dining for Couples
This program is designed for married and single couples.  Why not add a little spice and laughter to your marriage. If you are not married but have a significant other enhanced a positive relationship with your mate. This program will connect and reconnect your relationship in a positive and healthy way.

No matter where your relationship is today, it is the perfect place from which to begin a new journey to lasting positive change; and Absolutely Refined, LLC The House of Etiquette will help you get there.  

This program is full of games, sharing, and role-playing

We offer this program to:

  • Groups
  • One-on-one 
  • Mini retreats

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Angela Jordan
Certified Etiquette Consultant/Coach