We customize programs to fit your needs.

Professionals recognize that business etiquette is a power tool that gives one the cutting edge in the business arena.  Professional Savvy will teach you skills that you can put to use immediately,  

Etiquette Savvy positions you to:

  • Distinguish yourself from the competition
  • Develop and maintain business
  • Project a positive image
  • Project confidence and authority
  • Build relationships

Professional Business Savvy: 4.5 hours

Session 1-3 - Fee per session
  • Mastering Introductions - 1.5 hours  -Day 1
  • Conversation Skills - 1.5 hours  - Day 2
  • Dress For Success - 1.5 hours -  Day 3

Session 4-6 - Fee per session

  • Social Graces in Public Places - 1.5 hours - Day 1
  • On the Job - 1.5 hours - Day 2
  • Netiquette - 1.5 hours - Day 3

Professional Dining Bootcamp: 2 hours 
  • Dining Savvy - Using Etiquette While Dining
  • Place Setting Savvy

     Note: Real Food Is Not Served. Will be disposable place settings

Professional Dining Tutorial Savvy: (optional) 3 hours
     Note: Conducted while a meal is being served

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Professional Business Savvy 
"Million Dollar Manners"
Technical skills and knowledge account for 15 percent of the reason you get a job, keep a job, and advance in a job,  Eighty-five percent of your job success is connected to your people skills. 

This is based on research conducted by Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation, and The Stanford Research Institute.
Dress for Success
Angela Jordan
Certified Etiquette Consultant/Coach