"The etiquette and dining program was so much fun and I learned a whole lot. I loved dining out at the 5 star restaurant, I was so relaxed because everything that we learned in class we got to put it into action."


"I can not be more thankful for this program my daughter was so excited about attending each session, Now when we go out to dine she is more observant and she recognizes when people are not using proper dining etiquette. I must say this etiquette and dining has been worth every dime. I recommend this program to all parents."

                                                                                                                                                               Mrs. Lattimore

"I had both my daughter and my son in the Etiquette and Dining program. They loved it! I have noticed that my daughter seems to be more confident when speaking to others. My daughter use to be so shy when she had to speak in front of people, especially at church; but now she sparkles with confidence. My son on the other hand never had problems speaking in front of people but he now seems to be more in tune with his appearance and how he dresses. I use to have a problem with him keeping his pants up but now I do not have to remind him about his pants. As a matter of fact his friends are following his example. Believe it or not he is now trying to wear cologne. My son is looking good, smelling good and I am so proud of his positive attitude. Absolutely Refined, LLC is an AWESOME program."

                                                                                                                                                               Mrs. Smith

"I loved Absolutely Refined, LLC. Mrs. Jordan made it so much fun. When my mom signed me up I thought it was going to be boring. We did a much of fun stuff. We played etiquette and dining games, we did role-playing, we made thank you notes, and we worked in workbooks. That was fun too. We even learned some dances. We had dinner and Mrs. Jordan's husband was the honored guest. She made us introduce ourselves to him and then we had to introduce one of our classmates to him. It was hard at first but it got easy.  I liked this class. My friends want to do it now."

"If your school or church group is interested in getting back to the "basics of life" I strongly encourage you to contact Angela Jordan with Absolutely Refined, LLC "The House of Etiquette". FB'ers you know I only endorse quality people with "top notch" products! Mrs. Jordan is refinement at its BEST!"
                                                                                                                   R. Walton
                                                                                                                   Counselor - CSAS
                                                                                                                   Works with The National Achievers 
                                                                                                                   Urban League of Greater Chattanooga

Parents comments from "Precious Pearls" Charm Class:

"I loved the class.  It was awesome for my daughter.  She really, really enjoyed it and looked forward to us going everyweek."

"I thought the program was very good.  It provided many concepts that young girls can embrace for a lifetime."

"I am happy that this class is offered.  there are so many bad influences out there in the media, so it's good to know that there is a class out there to help guide our girls."

"I absolutely loved the class.  My daughter has matured alot and she is acting like a little lady."

"Precious Pearls was a great experience for my daughter and she enjoyed coming.  She learned alot.  I wish more young ladies would have had the opportunity like we have. Thank you for your time and knowledge and sharing yourself with my baby girl:)."

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